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SariSpa AntiSwelling Ginger FootBath Balls

SariSpa AntiSwelling Ginger FootBath Balls

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The perfect remedy for improving health, overall benefits in just a few weeks!

Take a look at what our happy customers are saying:

Back then I used to complain about the spider veins and swelling in my legs and ankle due to lymphedema. I am a businesswoman who is always on the go and at night I suffer from this swelling. Then I tried using this SariSpa AntiSwelling Ginger FootBath Balls at night before I went to bed and I must say that I am very satisfied with the results it gave me in just a matter of few weeks. The veins varicose and swelling subsided and now I always feel calm and relaxed when I go home after a tiring day. I will include this in my daily regimen for a healthier self.

Priscilla Keene, 53, Portland, Oregon


Being an athlete requires a strong body but it also needs a strong internal system to withstand the strains of the training and competitions that it involves. Luckily for me, I came upon this SariSpa AntiSwelling Ginger FootBath Balls! It became my go to thing whenever I have lymphatic problems such as the constant swelling of my foot and early appearance of varicose veins. In just 3 months the swelling had been reduced and after a month it was totally gone alongside with the varicose marks on my thighs and legs. I really am very thankful for this product and will always keep a stock at home. It has also improved my blood circulation so I no longer have nerve problems. I do recommend this product for everyone who suffers the same.

Jackeline Crayton, 29, Boise, Idaho

Let’s talk about how the lymphatic System works. 

What is a Lymph?

Lymph, also called lymphatic fluid, is a collection of the extra fluid that drains from cells and tissues (that is not reabsorbed into the capillaries) plus other substances. The other substances include proteins, minerals, fats, nutrients, damaged cells, cancer cells and foreign invaders (bacteria, viruses, etc). Lymph also transports infection-fighting white blood cells (lymphocytes).

The Lymphatic System works like the “sewage disposal structure of the human body. It sucks up the body’s harmful fats and eliminates excess cellulite. Some 20 liters of plasma flow through your body's arteries and smaller arteriole blood vessels and capillaries every day.

What are the blockages that affect the lymphatic system?

One of the causes of abnormal lymph nodes in the body is called Lymphedema which refers to tissue swelling caused by an accumulation of protein-rich fluid that's usually drained through the body's lymphatic system. It most commonly affects the arms or legs, but can also occur in the chest wall, abdomen, neck and genitals. Lymph nodes are an important part of your lymphatic system.

Other Lymph blockages are as follows:

  • Lymphadenopathy: refers to lymph nodes that are abnormal in size
  • Lymphedema: is swelling due to the build-up of lymph fluid in the body
  • Lymphoma: cancer of the lymphatic system body's germ-fighting network.
  • Lymphangitis: defined as an inflammation of the lymphatic channels 
  • Lymphocytosis: a high lymphocyte count, is an increase in white blood cells

How Foot Bathing helps improve our lymphatic system?

Studies have shown that foot bathing helps in improving our lymphatic system by rejuvenating the nerves and relaxing the muscles in the body. “Our foot baths help combat obstructions forming in your lymph so that they can function properly and help eliminate swelling and inflammation in your legs. While it gets rid of the toxins in your body, it also strengthens your immune system and lymphatic system.” Dr. Zhao.

It relieves the body from having lymphatic problems caused by certain medical procedures and ailments which causes lymphatic blockages. It gently handles particular regions in the body to improve the movement of lymphatic vessels.

3 Natural Key Ingredients for Lymphatic Drainage


Extracted from ginger root, ginger oil benefits you by relieving swelling & pain by its warming and anti-inflammatory properties. Containing a healing blend of herbal oil for your lymphatic health, it boosts detoxification and the removal of excessive fluids.



Boosting metabolism, allows the body to burn fat cells more effectively and may help you lose fat and burn calories more efficiently. Saffron helps to enhance the flow of your lymphatic system, improves circulation and enhances deep detoxification.



Reduces the levels of toxins and harmful substances in the blood. Because angelica is also rich in biotin, folic acid, and vitamin B12 is very good to clean all types of toxins in the blood and toxins that accumulate in the body.

That is the reason why this is created SariSpa AntiSwelling Ginger FootBath Balls

It's a great product that can help you clean and clear your lymphatic system!

Our foot baths help combat obstructions forming in your lymph so that they can function properly and help eliminate swelling and inflammation in your legs. While it gets rid of the toxins in your body, it also strengthens your immune system and lymphatic system. An all-natural treatment that takes another level of detoxification and unclogged fatty tissues blocking drains in the lymphatic system. Also a great reliever of stress, anxieties, poor blood circulation and improves digestive health.


Benefits of our SariSpa Ginger FootBath Balls:

  • Resolves swelling and inflammation
  • Cleans and clears your lymphatic system
  • Detoxifies our body from toxins,
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Anti-fungal, Anti-nnflammatory, Antibacterial properties
  • Improves swollen body parts' appearance
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation
  • Rejuvenates nerves and stimulate muscles
  • All natural ingredients


Here is Jessica’s Lymphatic Drainage journey with the help of the SariSpa Ginger FootBath Balls:

Week 1


As I grew older my legs started to swell up bigger and bigger. And I've been struggling with this problem for years now. Most of the medical options were either too expensive or too scary for me. But luckily I came across this footbath and it changed my life. After using the footbath regularly for a week, the changes were minimal but they were present and slightly visible! The mere fact that this footbath made a change even if it was small, it made me continue using it even more. Especially since there's still a long way to go to reduce the swelling in my leg. 

Week 8

In the 8th week, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much the swelling has reduced. It was a significant change and it was very obvious and visible. I was doing 3 foot baths a week at this point, and it was all worth it.  The progress I made from week 4  to 8 was borderline unbelievable. While my leg was still a bit swollen and I still felt like it was weighing me down, the improvement was day and night. I wanted to see if I could completely eliminate the swelling so I still continued using it even with such big changes.


Week 12

On my 12th week of  use of the footbath I can confidently say that it has really resolved the swelling in my legs. I feel normal again, there's no more pain, no more heavy feeling, and it is easier to move now. I'm so happy with the results. Thank you so much for these SariSpa Ginger FootBath Balls, it's life changing! I thought I wouldn’t be able to address my lymphatic problems but to my surprise it was solved by this foot bath and I will continue to do it for the improvement of my lymphatic health.

Priscilla Keene, 53, Portland, Oregon



  • Ingredients: Ginger, Saffron, Angelica, Wormwood, Chuanqiu, Tendon Grass, Cinnamon, Bone-penetrating Grass


How To Use:

Package Includes:

  • SariSpa Ginger FootBath Balls x 1 BOX (12pcs)

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