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Lymphatic Detox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts

Lymphatic Detox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts

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We are so grateful for our incredible customers and the experience bespoke how effective our product is!


Let us take a look at Melanie’s 12 week experience of her lymph detoxification using our product:

"I am a stay at home mom and I wanted to share my lymphatic journey recovery results to all of you."

Week 1

I have been a bit skeptical at first when introduced to this product. I used it a few times though and got surprised because I did notice a difference with just a few days of initial use on my swollen neck area. After a week I feel such a great relief already and will keep using it and observe how it goes.

Week 8

I am amazed! With just 2 months of using this ginger bath salt set, the frog-like appearance of my neck due to swelling was visibly reduced. I cannot believe that this is possible even without surgery! I am also quite sure of the safety because it is an all natural ingredients product that is 100% effective and suitable for my sensitive skin and I don’t feel any irritation at all. I no longer feel any pain from the previous swelling due to the lump


Week 12

I couldn’t help but be in tears! This product changed my life! It has worked beyond my expectations since the first day. I have felt so much confidence since then. It seems that I have done something that is life transforming. But the most important thing is that the lump on my neck has disintegrated and the Bath Salt has given so much results without any negative side effects. Best one in the market!

Melanie Higgins, 34, Manhattan, New York



What are bath salts?

Bath salts are water-soluble, pulverized minerals that are added to water to be used for bathing. They are said to improve cleaning, enhance the enjoyment of bathing, and serve as a vehicle for cosmetic agents. Bath salts have been developed which mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs.

Are bath salts beneficial to one’s body?

Studies show that regular salt soaks can work to promote our most optimum level of biological and cellular function. This ritual can also aid internal hydration while helping to replenish the body's electrolytes. Soaking in a salt bath also helps to improve our overall immunity and balance our alkaline / acid levels. Our skin is a toxin carrier so regular salt baths are believed to help flush out toxins from our skin.

Ginger Bath Salts are beneficial to: 

  • Calming digestive discomfort
  • Aiding proper digestion
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Aiding reducing inflammation
  • Helping improve metabolism


That’s why we created this  Lymphatic Detox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts:

When we created this Lymphatic Detox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts, we took in mind the process of draining the lymphatic system through massage.

Our product is a combination of bath salt and scrubbing gloves to make it easier for people with lymphatic problems to massage the retained fluid in their swollen body parts.

Lymphatic drainage massage has been used for people with lymphedema, which involves swelling, generally in one of your legs or arms. Our product is an effective way to treat lymphatic problems that people encounter.


What is special about this  Lymphatic Detox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts ?

  • Increases the natural flow of circulation and fluids in the body as you scrub
  • Improves the sign of skin aging and reduces cellulite build up
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling of body parts
  • Contains granules that successfully eliminates  dirt, rough and flakey skin with friction 
  • Produces a smoother and cleaner layer after a few scrubs
  • Suitable for all skin type, causing no irritation 


Majority of our customers are fascinated with the results they get from this product


I am obsessed with these bath salt and gloves scrub sets. I love that it is packed so you can bring it anywhere without any hassle. I haven't been disappointed yet. I am usually sensitive to scents, but these have all been soft and wonderful, not overpowering at all. They helped me in slimming down my body and drained the fluid retention I have. Only 2 months of continued use and I already have a leaner body. They leave my skin super soft and I am totally relaxed after using them. I highly recommend it, and the amount you get for the money is huge! I will be buying more for myself and it would be a great gift too.

Ashanti Drew, 28, Omaha, Nebraska



I love these bath salts and gloves.! They make taking a bath an even more relaxing experience. They dissolve really well into warm water, and they add a wonderful ginger fragrance that remained during my 30 minute + bath and even a little on my skin beyond. I have this recurring painful leg swelling everytime I come home tired from work. But with the product, my muscles felt refreshed during and afterwards, and my whole body truly felt relaxed, even after getting out. The swelling disappears and I am always having immediate relief from pain. This is definitely a luxury bath experience that I will treasure every time! I am very pleased with the quality. I highly recommend this product and the whole line to others - they are perfect to pamper yourself and relieve you from lymphatic problems in the body.

Amanda Barnes, 42, Chesapeake, Virginia



I was pleasantly surprised by this product. The ginger scent while inside the pack is overwhelming, but it is just about perfect when added to the bath. I used to have a saggy and jiggly arm and it bothers me whenever I use sleeveless clothes. It has been 3 months and I consistently used it during shower time. The results are amazing, no more jiggly arms and hello to a firmer and slimmer arm. It is very relaxing as well and the right amount of soapy/oily consistency. It is very luxurious and curing.

Maxine Parker, 34, Hazlet, New Jersey



How to use:

  • Prepare a warm water bath
  • Mix the bath salt pack in the warm water
  • Use the gloves to scrub the bath mixture on the concerned part of the body
  • Scrub gently and in a massaging manner
  • Do the scrubbing for about 15-30 minutes before rinsing
  • Use regularly for best results


  • Net Wt. 30g per pack

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 Set - (Lymphatic Detox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts + Shower Glove)
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