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BLADControl Bladder Leakage Healing Patch

BLADControl Bladder Leakage Healing Patch

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Before we introduce our product, let's look at our happy customers


"These absolutely worked for me! After having a hysterectomy I could not sleep at night because of constantly having to go...actually even before the surgery I had this problem due to a large fibroid. This BLADControl Bladder Leakage Healing Patch not only calms my bladder, but it also gives me a sense of calmness. One of the ingredients is very calming. I like it. I'm very happy to have found this product. I slept through the night last night without getting up to go. I will continue to use this. I've only applying it for a few days and it is already working. I'm so Happy!"

Mary Ellison --- Kelso, Washington

"I've had a urine related issue for about 8 years now where I constantly had the urge to urinate at night. Every. Twenty. Minutes. It was ruining my life. When I'd go to try and relieve it, all I got was a trickle. These BLADControl Bladder Leakage Healing Patch have transformed my life. Literally. I've not slept 8 hours in a row for almost 8 years until a few days ago when I first used these patches. Now, I'm almost back to normal. I feel like crying with relief. To whoever made these - thank you. I hope that only good things come to you, and that you live a long, successful and happy life."

Ashley Grey --- Bristol, Virginia

Consist of 2 Key ingredients for BLADControl Bladder Leakage Healing Patch

  1. Garlic
  2. Horsetail

Garlic treats antimicrobial resistant urinary tract infections, says new study. Researchers from Institute of Technology and Sciences have revealed that garlic (Allium sativum) can be used to combat antimicrobial resistant urinary tract infections.

Horsetail is used for “fluid retention” (edema), kidney and bladder stones, urinary tract infections, the inability to control urination (incontinence), and general disturbances of the kidney and bladder. Horsetail may relieve UTI symptoms by increasing urinary volume and helping to flush bacteria out of the urinary tract.

BLADControl Bladder Leakage Healing Patch Special Function

  • Reduce occasional bladder leakage from laughing, coughing, sneezing, exercise.
  • Supports bladder strength.
  • Helps reduce the urge to go, day and night.
  • Safe and natural herbal extracts.
  • Suitable for urinary incontinence caused by cough, laugh, exercise, postpartum, stress, or old age.
  • Helps to relieve women's urinary incontinence and leakage of urine caused by increased intra-abdominal pressure.
  • Promote healthy bladder.

Lydia's BLADControl Bladder Leakage Healing Patch report

70 years old Lydia problem is her occasional bladder leakage from laughing, coughing, sneezing and etc. Her friend Introduce this BLADControl Bladder Leakage Healing Patch. Without thinking twice she tried it and the result...

Here is the result...


"I'm at an age where a cough, sneeze, even a hearty laugh can lead to … well … an embarrassing moment or two. I've tried doing the various exercises that are supposed to help with minimal results. My friend had mentioned trying this BLADControl Bladder Leakage Healing Patch so when the opportunity arose I decided to give it a try."


"I did feel a difference during the day I've used it -- I developed a bad cold after I returned from a cruise, and I noticed a definite improvement in those little "accidents" triggered by coughing or sneezing. After you've apply it to your belly, it increased intra-abdominal pressure causes urinary incontinence and urine leaking."

"Bottom line: This is a great product, it provide absolute improvement, and I'll continue using it."

Lydia Mountford --- Clearfield, Utah

How to Use:

  1. Clean your skin area around the navel with a warm towel.
  2. Open the package and remove the paper covering the adhesive part.
  3. Apply the patch directly onto your navel.
  4. Wear the patch for 24 hours. Remove the patch after use.

Ingredients: Made with natural herbal extracts, such as Licorice, Haruki, Garlic, Horsetail, Calendula

Product Details: The length of the product is about 18cm, and the width is about 13cm.

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